Farewell 2020, Hello 2021

My original idea for this post was to create a plan for 2021 but with Covid-19 still affecting the world it is difficult to know what will be achievable. I had so many artistic ideas to put into action – a new gallery exhibition, lots of paintings to create and art competitions to enter.My career as an artist was going to develop at a greater speed.

Two weeks into 2021 and it sucks. We are in lockdown number 3, our daughter has hit a new development stage involving tantrums and refusal to sleep, Covid-19 has impacted on people I know and I don’t ever seem to have enough chocolate in the house! 

A gratitude list for 2020…Really?

Yes, I have decided to look back on 2020 and find the good things that happened in my life. There have been some amazing things in amongst the rubbish and it will help to remind myself that those happy moments still occur.

Art Gallery exhibition of 3 paintings by Gary Martin
Part of the exhibition at Pictura Studios, Chester

I am grateful for:

  • Being involved in an art exhibition at Pictura Studios Gallery in Chester – even if everyone was staying away from town. The owners are wonderful people and I hope to work with them in the future.
  • Selling 2 pieces of art at the above mentioned exhibition.
  • No-one close to me had been affected by the pandemic.
  • Sky Portrait Artist of the Week greatly helping my portrait painting skills
  • Having a really nice Christmas. Our daughter loved the decorations and lights (and the gifts from some very generous family and friends). It was quiet but it was what we needed.
  • Reconnecting with some old friends on Facebook.
  • Having the most amazing, supportive wife. I am sure marriage to me is not always easy.
  • Having some time to create art (although it will never be enough).
  • Being highly commended, getting through the first round in the Visual Artists Open (VAO) competition.
  • Seeing our daughter starting to speak, dance and sing.
  • Our daughter finally starting to sleep through the night regularly. We are finally starting to come out of the sleep-deprived, zombie state of new parents.
  • Developing my art skills with the help of Proko, New Masters Academy and lots of books.
  • Success with my social media and marketing plans and becoming part of a great artists community on Instagram and Facebook.

I am sure there will be many other little moments of joy this year. I am still making plans for 2021 but, even in a ‘normal’ year, life can get in the way so I will not let my plans rule my thoughts and if I fail anything then I will just move on to the next attempt.

What are you grateful for in 2020? I hope you all stay well and get to be creative and have some times of joy.





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