An Artists Origin Story – Part 2

Welcome to more random art babble from me, Gary Martin, an Artist living in the lovely North West of England, UK.

Here’s a quick recap from my Artist Origins Story Part One:

  • I used to (and maybe still do) stick my tongue out when I concentrate,
  • Some stuff about aliens and pulling apart toilets,
  • Illness, introvertedness (if that is a word), stress, safe career choices, parenthood and a demanding alien.

Lockdowns and Social Distancing 

So after all that, I discarded a lot of my impossible dreams and rediscovered art with a plan to develop my skills, enter art competitions and see what happens. Then Covid-19 happened just as I got my work in a new gallery called Pictura Studios in Chester. With everyone working from home and empty streets in town, promoting artwork has become mainly an online happening, which, without a support group, is proving difficult but is allowing ideas to form. 

The first lockdown proved difficult as a family looking after our daughter without a break, but she is now learning new words and phrases daily and I can truly say there are some joyous moments to parenthood now. She sleeps through often and I think I am emerging from the zombified state of being a new dad. She loves playing with paint (and trying to eat it!) and loved decorating the tree (and trying to destroy it straight after). She can also scream and cry at the simplest of things but it’s easier to cope with.

Our daughter and Christmas tree photo
Our daughter loved decorating the tree before trying to remove all the
decorations again

The future

So that brings us up to date and I can concentrate on topics that may be of more interest to all you artists, art buyers and creatives out there. Thanks for bearing with me and don’t forget to sign up to my artists newsletter for updates on this blog, information on future plans and offers.

Have a great Christmas, holiday season and stay creative and safe. See you in the new year. I have some exciting things planned to tell you about.






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