In 2018 – during a particularly horrible year – I discovered art all over again. 

Art – along with my amazing wife – kept me slightly more mentally balanced than I would have been and helped me realise that I should never have let myself drift into other directions for a career. A lot has changed since my original art study many years ago and there are some excellent resources out there that I have discovered over the last 3 years. You can compare my earlier artwork in my gallery archives to my more recent work in my portfolio here. I plan to dedicate a few blog posts to share the drawing, painting and other art learning aids I have found since taking up the paintbrush and pencil again. First up, lets get creative online. 

This is a list of online learning spaces that I have found useful to ramp up my artistic ability and develop my creative skills. I have been shocked at the quality of some online art schools and lessons and have no doubt my study would be taking many more years without them. I’ll add to this list as I discover more art lessons and tutorials online. 

Learn Art Online Resource List (in order of my discovery):

The Will Kemp Art School

Some great, free painting and drawing tutorials. This is the first website I discovered in 2018 and enjoyed the Absolute Beginners Acrylic Course and How to Paint Portraits in Acrylics. They are a great introduction for an artist new to painting and a good primer for more advanced art turorials elsewhere.


Proko is a fantastic website with lots of free content and tutorials from many different artists. In-depth lessons can be purchased and I can recommend spending some money on Proko Figure Drawing and Anatomy courses (the anatomy course for artists is incredibly detailed and very cheap for the amount of content).

New Masters Academy

Great value (especially with the 50% sales on yearly subscriptions) and really useful for beginning and intermediate artists. Some excellent courses and lots of information to gain in all areas of art such as composition, painting, drawing, colour, theory etc. I found some courses had very repetitive sections and could have been streamlined. I was also hoping for a deeper dig into more advanced painting. Worth a subscription just for all the Steve Huston courses though.

Watts Atelier

Although more expensive than some other art resources, I found it is well worth taking some time studying online at Watts Atelier if you have been creating art for a while (I found 6 months a good amount for where I was at). It does feel a bit disorganised but there is a great community to help you along the way. I don’t think it is suitable for new artists as it can be hard work following the lessons but there is some great material (particularly the foundational portrait and figure drawing courses) and the portrait painting lessons have helped my develop my oil painting technique. The critiques included in the subscription have been very useful. Visit this blog post for more detailed thoughts on Watts Atelier.

I never would have thought Patreon would be a place to learn art but, for the serious artist intend on developing their skills, it has been an amazing find. My drawing skills have improved so much by becoming a patron of Stephen Bauman and Cornelia Hernes is doing the same with my painting ability. I plan to explore some other artists too. This a great value way to learn from some amazing talented, professional artists and help support them too.

I hope this list is useful to any aspiring artists out there. If you have any suggestions to add for learning art or questions, please contact me.