Wow, December already. Season’s Greetings and Happy Christmas one and all.

It’s been another rollercoaster year again hasn’t it! I write this on the day my wife has tested positive for Covid a second time, there’s climate crisis, cost of living crisis, ridiculous government decisions (yes, our Government has give the go-ahead to open a coal mine that will produce coal that is of no use to anyone - go figure?!) , wars etc… I’d like to say 2023 will be better but it’s hard to see it.

Personally, there are some positives. I am pleased with how my art techniques are developing and I can see my own ‘style’ emerging - Currently I call it expressive realism. I can now talk more confidently about what I do and where I am heading in the art world. This also means another website revamp in progress.

I’m still struggling to build a large body of work but what I do exhibit is selling and that is helping my motivation stay high. 

You may have seen this on my social media - it is my Art vs Artist post and sums up my favourite art over the last couple of years and is a good indication of where I’m at, creatively.

I have connected on social media with some great artists and plan to do a shout out to them all soon.

My daughter is at a lovely age and, apart from the odd tantrum, is a pleasure to be around. I have struggled in the past knowing how to be a parent so this is a big positive for me. She is coming up to 4 years old. I’m sure there will be not-so-great moments in the future, but as someone who has to deal with mental health issues, this is a great time. 

I have lots of plans coming soon, so please sign up for my newsletter (at the bottom of this website) to get my latest updates and some special art events planned in 2023. Sneak reveals coming soon.

Thank you to all my supporters, art buyers, friends and family - I wish you all a wonderful festive time and a great 2023.